Our Company :

Bontrade Enterprise Co., Ltd is established in 1976 in Taiwan.

We have plenty experience of buying and trading, to serve all your sourcing needs.

We are the wholesale supplier and exporter of various products such as cosmetic, plush toys, stationeries, houseware, and novelty products.

Moreover (Research & Development)

Currently, our company is focus on professional management in the production of cosmetic items, plush toys, and novelty items.   We are professional in the Research& Development and always with the latest news and development.    Our Company has co-operating suppliers, to join in the effort to provide ever-better, top-standard services for our clients.

Our manufacturing facilities are dispersed throughout Taiwan, and China. This wide

Range of based around Asia has provided Bontrade with a diversity of resources and

supplies to generate top quality products, which are cost-effective and highly professional. We will provide our customers faster and more integrated solutions for the needs of our customers in the near future.

Our market and customer is all over the world such as United States, Europe, Japan,

South America, the Middle East, Saudi, Turkey, UKK


Bontrade Enterprise Co., Ltd is situated in Taiwan, Taipei World Trade Center 6G12

YiWu: ( Buying Office)

Right now, we also have buying office in YiWu to help our customers.

We have good experience in buying and trading in YiWu to serve all your sourcing needs.

YiWu is the perfect place for sourcing Made-in-China products. It has variety of craftworks, accessories, toys, and floral products.

The market is a very competitive ground to offer the best prices to clients.

We would be very happy to guide you around YiWu city.